Once I started appreciating rock and roll, and also blues, I became more interested in The Black Keys. Dan Auerbach may not be as good as Hendrix, but the “funk” or beat of their music is unbelievable. I have not yet been able to see The Keys live yet, but next time they come to Chicago I’ll be there. From what I’ve watched on YouTube, their concerts are crazy and full of energy which is what I love so much about festivals and concerts.

Their two best albums by far are El Camino and Brothers. Their newest album, Turn Blue, has not impressed me. Their sound changed from dirty blues rock to sounding more commercialized or pop. It’s understood though that bands and artists go through phases in different times of their life which you also need to consider. Although, when I watched the interview or jam session with him and Matt Sweeney, one of Rick Rubin’s guys, he shows Matt all these awesome blues riffs and really showed his skills at guitar.

One thing that made me like Dan even more was when he talked about old guitars having soul and have a story behind it. Every guitar has an owner and a story to go along with it which is exactly right. When you look at his guitars, they look used and abused, but that just shows how much time he puts into playing and living his passion through music.

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