Kamie Wagemann

Bio: Dedicated college student willing to go above and beyond for any internship or job I may receive. Music has had an extremely large impact on my life. My career of choice would be somewhere in the area of music business such as artist management or concert promotion. I will bring hard work, creativity, and dedication to your company. I will hope to learn how to conquer challenges and problems that may come up in the work force, meet educated and influential people that inspire me to go beyond my goals, and take as much from the experience as I can to be an exceptional employee that is able to live my passion as a career. My passion for music started at the age of 7. It was my escape to all of my problems. Later on at 15 after hearing Jake Bugg, I decided to teach myself how to play guitar. Since then I started listening to old blues, folk, and rock and I couldn't be happier. At the age of 18 I've been to almost 40 live shows, 3 festivals and I can not wait for that number to grow. Being at live events, meeting the artists, and meeting people that love music is when I'm enjoying my time the most!

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