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Jesse Woods has quickly become on of my new favorite folk artists. With music that is so simple and easy to listen to yet a havent quite heard anyone else like him. I would describe him as a mixture of Ivan & Alyosha, The Paper Kites, and M. Ward. If you have any kind of interest in these artists then I recommend you check out Jesse Woods. My two personal favorites are Gold In The Air and Ugly Dress!


Although John Hurt might not be a new artist, he has been a key influence on some of the most famous and talented artists in the area of folk. Some of these artists being Doc Watson, John Fahey and Dave Van Ronk. I fell in love with Hurt after hearing his song “My Creolle Bell”. 2 other songs I would recommend is “Make Me A Pallet On Your Floor” and “Richland Woman Blues”. Although the lyrics are so simple, the way it was sung is filled with soul and I could feel every single word he was saying.

Mississippi John Hurt is a very unique blues artist, more on the folk side. The only other blues artist that comes to mind that might be similar to him is Elizabeth Cotten. His music is so easy to listen to and fun to play on guitar. Although many didn’t recognize his talent until he was late in age, his music still lives on and continues to inspire others.


mck3      The Milk Carton Kids are a duo that started in Eagle Rock, California in 2011. Their work took me by surprise and has opened doors to other folk groups as well. Out of their three albums albums Prologue, The Ash & Clay, and Montery, The Ash & Clay is by far my favorite, The Hope of a Lifetime being my favorite song off the album. Although the gig’s they’re playing at may not be the biggest, the shows that they put on are ones you’ll be sure not to forget, specifically at the Lincoln Hall in Ohio. When watching the performance, the song that blew me away was Girls Gather Around at 30:00. The Milk Carton Kids have proven their ability to write folk/americana songs is incredible. The combination of Joey’s travis picking on his old Gibson j-45 brings an amazing warmth to the albums as well as Kenneth creating harmony at the same time while his fingers are flying across the fretboard on his little Martin. Later on, their work will be considered Americana classics.