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Last Saturday I went to another show at Drew Eckmann’s house. A band called The Carpenter Ants were playing, and although id never heard of them, they were known as a country blues group so I thought id check them out. I was pleasantly surprised! Every single song they played I enjoyed, which is not common!


The guitarist Michael Lipton was the best guitarist ive been able to see play live! When talking to him after the show he was so humble about it and said, “there’s always someone better than me”, but he doesn’t give himself enough credit!

If you like Johnny Cash, Doc Watson, or any blues music check them out!

Although John Hurt might not be a new artist, he has been a key influence on some of the most famous and talented artists in the area of folk. Some of these artists being Doc Watson, John Fahey and Dave Van Ronk. I fell in love with Hurt after hearing his song “My Creolle Bell”. 2 other songs I would recommend is “Make Me A Pallet On Your Floor” and “Richland Woman Blues”. Although the lyrics are so simple, the way it was sung is filled with soul and I could feel every single word he was saying.

Mississippi John Hurt is a very unique blues artist, more on the folk side. The only other blues artist that comes to mind that might be similar to him is Elizabeth Cotten. His music is so easy to listen to and fun to play on guitar. Although many didn’t recognize his talent until he was late in age, his music still lives on and continues to inspire others.